Bean: a short film


brand new comedy drama by máirín O’hagan & sarah anson


When Soph and Wendy decide to complete their family, they ask Soph’s best and oldest friend, Max, to be their sperm donor. It seems like a great idea, (aside from the minor worry that Max’s enormous head might be genetic). But the enormity of his gift begins to push the bounds of their lifelong friendship. As the pregnancy progresses, Soph starts to panic about her role in the family. With no biological connection, Soph feels her parental identity in question. Just what do you call a non-biological parent? How much will her child resemble Max? And does it really matter, when all you need is love…?


Directed by: Clare Macdonald

Produced by: Sally anne Badger

written by: Máirín o’hagan & sarah anson


cast: coming soon