Marge & Jules


"Sin spins a false story. Love is the true story."

In a world where sin and punishment govern their lives, two remarkable women discover different ways of living their faith. Interpreting the Bible is a dangerous thing to do — especially for a woman — but Margery and Julian find silence harder still. Filled with her conviction that God is love, not a voice of punishment, Julian shows Margery how to lift the weight of guilt from off her shoulders. In return, Margery reminds Julian what it is to have an earthly existence.

The first autobiography in the English language was written by mother of fourteen, Margery Kempe, who couldn’t read. Dame Julian, the renowned anchoress of Norwich, penned writings on mysticism and mercy that have dazzled spiritualists for centuries. Marge & Jules resurrects the historic moment where — as writings record — Margery met Julian. As spiritual enlightenment meets the darker stories of life in the Middle Ages, these women confess all; talking faith, life, after-life, semantics, erotics and the mysteries of the Man they love.


cast & crew:


Directed by Andrew Brock

previous performances


June 2019

Somerville College Chapel, Oxford


March 2019

Worcester College, Oxford

a special performance as part of the symposium:

in medias res
Convention, Conclusion, and the Performance of the Text, c. 1050-1500

February 2019

University College Chapel, Oxford


April 2018

Margery Kempe Conference

University College Chapel, Oxford

November 2017

St John the Baptist City Parish Church, Cardiff


May 2017

Birkbeck, School of Arts, London

Post-show Q&A with Prof. Anthony Bale

March 2017

Queen Mary University of London



October 2016

King's College Chapel, London

Post-show panel with Dr. Sarah Salih & Dr. Sarah Law

November 2016

Unitarian Meeting House, Bury St Edmunds



March 2016

University of Geneva, Switzerland

Post-show Q&A with Prof. Elisabeth Dutton


March 2016

Café du Soleil, Canterbury

In association with METh & Early English
Drama and Performance Network


February 2015

VAULT Festival, The Vaults, Waterloo,


December 2015

The Dream Factory, Playbox Theatre,