Lady Percy


PREVIOUS performances


October 2016

Seven Dials Club, Covent Garden

Directed by Rafaella Marcus
Music by Jeff Carpenter

November 2018

Fletcher Collins Theatre
Staunton, Virginia, USA

Directed by Terry Southerington
Music by Jeff Carpenter

Lady P image.jpeg

"Let’s tell them her story then, give it A GO; 
’Tis more fruitful, it seems, than a tale of man’s woe..."

Summer, 1402. Northumbria. Trouble is stirring and Lady Percy knows it. Outside the castle walls, border clans raid and fire the countryside mercilessly. Inside, her furious husband Hotspur rails against a cunning King who, helped to his throne by the Percys, now refuses to pay their men.

When Lady Percy’s brother is captured by a family of Welsh rebels, rumoured to be masters of old Celtic magic, a series of dangerous events are set in motion. With rebellion inevitable, Hotspur leaves his lady in charge of the castle. There’s a lot more to her story than his story records...

Inspired by Shakespeare's Henry IVs, Queynte Laydies reinvent the well-loved tradition of the British History play to honour modern values of gender equality and cultural diversity.