The Life & Opinions of Mary Read,
Gentlewoman Pirate

Mary Read photo_Fotor.jpg

Mesdames et Messieurs... Those most honourable and truthful of raconteurs, the Queynte Laydies, do hereby present a fantastical history of acclaimed harlot and criminal, mistress Mary Read who, disguising her woman’s breasts, godlessly did maraud upon the seas, conducting scandalous acts of piracy, sexual deviance and all manner of unholiness, in acts that to speak of will astound the ear…

When Mary’s ship is attacked by pirates, she has a choice: resist... or join the infamous crew?

Dressed as her dead brother from birth, the illegitimate Mary — alias Mark — was never going to follow in her mother’s footsteps, selling her body for bread. Instead, her upbringing in breeches lets her choose a different body and a different life. The Golden Age of piracy beckons; as does the freedom promised by a life upon the seven seas… But freedom doesn’t come without its challenges…


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April 2019

AALP Studio
Wilton’s Music Hall

Directed by Máirín O’Hagan
Music by Sophie Crawford

Supported by Wilton’s Plays Without Décor